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Aren't able to volunteer with our group, but want to help? Make a donation! Your donation goes directly to send angel mail to people fighting illness and is much appreciated!                                                                                       


For those just getting started, here are our angeling guidelines!
We have two lists that I send out each Monday. We have the Priority List, for cancer patients, seriously ill people, and those I worry about the most, and we have Recipient List #2, for more long-term or chronically ill recipients  - so you will get your lists in two separate emails each week. *Be sure to delete the previous week's list every week so you have the most current information.
All information shared within our group is confidential and is to remain within the members of our group only!  Violation of our privacy policy will result in being permanently removed from Angels2TheHeart.
-Do NOT smoke when you are preparing your cards and gifts to mail.  Paper and fabric absorb smoke and this is dangerous for many of our recipients, as well as unpleasant. Be sure everything you send is smoke-free!
1) Send both email and snail mail cards! Both can really uplift a person's day! Many of our recipients are too ill to read email, so snail mail is a blessing! I will spend an evening writing out cards for a whole bunch of our recipients & tucking in small gifts like bookmarks, magnets, tea, sachets, etc. while my daughter does the stamps and return address labels and we mail them all the next day! It's the best feeling!
2) Always include "Angels2TheHeart" in all your correspondence so they know who it's from. (I can make you address labels if needed for $1.50 per sheet of 30 labels to cover the cost), plus postage. Email me at if you want to order labels.  You can also order labels from our Vista Print link on the "SHOP" page - they have tons of cute labels!  Whether you make your own labels or order them, they should read like this:
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State 00000
3) Some DON'Ts for angeling:
-Never ask for a reply or a two-way relationship. Many times they are unable to comply and this will put them in an uncomfortable position. Simply send love, support, and cheer - expect nothing but the great feeling you get from your angeling!
-NEVER call a recipient unless you have permission from him or her, or they have called you first.
-NEVER share your religious views unless the recipient has asked you your beliefs.  Do NOT send religious material except for uplifting scriptures and small tokens, such as angels or gifts with religious symbols and ONLY if it coincides with the recipients beliefs.  Uplifting, generally spiritual magazines are fine, but pay attention to the recipient's profile where it mentions religious beliefs and never try to "persuade" them to anything different!
-Do NOT smoke when you are preparing your cards and gifts to mail.  Paper and fabric absorb smoke and this is dangerous for many of our recipients. Be sure everything you send is smoke-free!
4) Put a cheerful note inside your cards. I write things like "Thinking of you and sending angel hugs!" or "Keeping you in my heart and prayers" - things like that. More is great too! Our recipients love to hear about your life, what you've been doing, etc.  DO NOT BURDEN THEM WITH ANYTHING STRESSFUL!  Also, avoid saying "Get well", to our recipients who do not have a good prognosis.  Our recipients often love to hear about our lives - our kids, jobs, etc.  A photo of yourself is great so they can put a face with your angel mail! Also remember to pray for our recipients!
5) Small gifts are appreciated too! Many of our recipients are in dire financial situations, so small gifts mean so much.  Be sure to click the link "SHOP!" in the menu at the top of this page to shop with some businesses affiliated with Angels2TheHeart.  We use all proceeds to benefit our recipients.  Some great gift ideas are:
Bookmarks - Perfect to tuck into a card! You can order some with little angels or other inspirational pins on them at Oriental Trading, Current, or at Cracker Barrel. 
"Tickelopes or Swing 3D cards" -these can be found online at or other websites, and are SO FUN! They are envelopes with foam shapes and a little card inside. There are angel ones in the shape of angel wings with a halo! Also butterflies, ladybugs, kitties, etc. You can see them at or google Swing cards.
Pins and magnets - Check our Cafe Press shop for lots of fun gifts with our logo!
Pocket angels:  Cracker barrel has some, so does WalGreens. I got some at WalGreens for .99 and they have themes like "hope", "strength", etc. Easy to tuck into a card!
Magnets: these tuck nicely into a card and you can make some with printable magnet sheets at walmart or buy some beautiful ones at various places. I like for their magnets and cards, almost always on sale. Check Michaels' dollar racks for magnets and other great tuck-ins!
Small books:  again tuck into a card. I got "Comfort for the Hurting Heart" at and it's a very small and uplifting book. Barnes and Noble has tons of little books too.
Mini-Kits: Available at Barnes and Noble, these are really neat gifts under $10! You can get a mini-water fountain kit, a "serenity" kit with a little windchime, and others like this. So fun! B & N now also carries fun little mini books that make great angeling gifts!
Tea - good for cancer patients undergoing chemo and very soothing for anyone. 
Music: I sometimes send soothing sounds CDs, like rainforest or ocean sounds.  You can find nature sounds CDs at dollar stores, B&N, WalMart, Shopko, and other similar stores. 
Bubble bath packets - these fit inside a card and you can get boxes of packets at different places, including Target, Avon, WalMart, Fred Meyer, etc.
Items from our Angels2TheHeart shop! Journals, stickers, magnets, cards, shirts, etc are a wonderful reminder of US!  :)
Other great gifts:
-books, magazines
-sachet packets
-notepads (I found some angel ones at & & Michaels for only $1)
-CD's (Touched by an Angel has cards with a single CD inside - Check our link to Christian Book)
-pins - angel pins, etc.
-window stickees
-crocheted or cross stitched tuck-ins
****Small stuffed animals or other gifts in a soda bottle! This is a light and cheaper way to send a gift and it's SO FUN to receive! You take a 2 liter soda bottle, rinse and dry it well, then make lengthwise cut along the fat part of the bottle with a knife. Then you make verticle slits at each end of the long cut, forming a capital "I" with your cuts. You then slip crinkle wrap or tissue and your gift inside. Tape it back up and put the mailing label over the cut, tighten the lid and mail it - ta da! It's the most fun way to send a gift and because it's actually lighter than a box, it's cheaper! I do this all the time!! (Picture of a gift in a bottle is below!)

**If you have more questions AFTER reading this page, we have Angel Mentors available to help you! Feel free to contact them with questions!
Geneva Keever
Christine Duvernell 
Send in your own ideas!
Angel hugs, Susan Farr-Fahncke
Founder/Director Angels2TheHeart &

Tips for Posting to the Group:

We use yahoo for our angels2theheart group emails, and below are some guidelines for posting:

1) NO internet forwards, jokes, etc.  The volume of mail is just too high, so ONLY post things pertaining to our recipients, angeling ideas, etc.

2) If you have an update or news on a recipient, please send it to Sooz and it will go on their profile on the weekly list. This also cuts down on the number of emails going to the group.

3) Always sign your first and last name, along with your email address when posting to the group. We have tons of Carols, Debbies, Marys, Joyces, etc., and it can be confusing if you only sign your first name.  If you do not include this information, your email will not go through. (I simply have my email set up so that the "From" line says my full name.)

4) If you see a posting by an angel you want to reply to, only reply to that angel, not to the entire group.

5) Feel free to share ideas that you've used in your own angeling.  We often share great deals on little gifts, crafts to make, a good place to find "tuck ins", angel cards, etc.  We love to share ideas with each other!

    "We're all connected through compassion. It's about taking care of each other as if we were all part of an extended family." EL Callahan

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